Looking for software to manage and increase your sales of spare parts online. You鈥檝e found it! The software is called Bildem (Short in Swedish for Car Dismantling) developed by the Swedish Company M盲torit Data AB. If you have an auto salvage company, dismantler, car scrap, accessories business, workshop, refurbishing company or any kind of parts retailer than the Bildem program is for you. Your locally updated parts inventory are automatically updated on the internet. Try it for free?

BILDEM - STOCKPILE - Your computer software for entry of new and used spare parts with automatic display of the parts on the Internet.
Car model
Bildem contains all vehicle models from around the world and is continuously updated with new models. You only need to add your parts inventory to the existing model list. We may be able to help you merge your data with the Bildem program. Complete model list are also available for trucks, motorcycles, Recreation Vehicles (RV), boats and etc.
Part names
Your Bildem software comes with a complete parts list for every Car Model. You only need to update your parts inventory. You can also add part names that are not on the list.

Only for the Swedish market!

Only for the Swedish market.

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