Environmental Policy

Mätorit Data AB will work to the company's environmental impact is
a minimum. This is done by recovering largest possible quantity of
the materials we use in our business.

Mätorit Data AB has the following guidelines in its environmental policy.

Enhance knowledge and raise awareness of environmental issues within the company by continuously discuss environmental issues in our work.

Employees should always take into account the environment in their daily work.

To always try to adapt the features of our solutions and services
to improve the environment.

Follow authorities' existing laws and regulations.

Endeavor to increase the proportion of recycled parts and materials.

Pack Terapins outgoing goods only with recoverable material.

For the use of consumables should always take into account recycling rate.

Receiving of us sold products for recycling if they so request.

Continuous follow-up with the objective to continuously improve our environmental performance.

Origin Date
Knutby 2000-03-21

Edsbro 2008-01-10
Gunnar Nordén
Managing Director