Looking for software to manage and increase your sales of spare parts online. You’ve found it! The software is called Bildem (Short in Swedish for Car Dismantling) developed by the Swedish Company Mätorit Data AB. If you have an auto salvage company, dismantler, car scrap, accessories business, workshop, refurbishing company or any kind of parts retailer than the Bildem program is for you. Your locally updated parts inventory are automatically updated on the internet. Try it for free?

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Bildem has automatic stock location.

Reduce your storage space by 30%!

Bildem contains runtines to produce an automatic stock location solution that will allow for a very efficient use of stock space for parts entered. Shelf space efficiency is usually increased by about 30% when Automatic stock location is selected for the program to assign stock location automaticlly.

The old way for stock location.
Enter the location using a letter number combination starting with a letter first. For example for shelf 10, enter S10. If the location is left blank a location code will be assigned automatically.

The new automatic way to handle stock location.
The new way for entering stock location is to let the program take care of it. The location contains numbers that are automatically assigned when entering a part. The number contains 7 digits using the necessary number of 0s (zeros) infront of the number. For example, 0000423 is location 423. Remember not to enter anything in the field Stock location when using automatic stock location inorder for the program to assign it automically.

Setup Part Groups
Select options before entering parts when using the automatic stock location by going to the menu: "Maintenance - Part groups".

Example of Part Group:
if all the types of drive shafts will be located on the same shelf independent of the type of drive shaft or which vehicle it belongs to then drive shafts need to be put in a group. There are 6 different types of driveshafts, rear rh, rear lh rh, rear lh, front rh, front lh rh, front lh. All 6 types of drive shafts will be connected in a group.
Group name: 10000
Part name codes: 7050, 7051, 7052, 7110, 7111,7112.

Once connected in a group every time a drive shaft is entered, no matter which type of shaft or vehicle it belongs to, it will be in the drive shaft group and be located on the drive shaft shelf assigned. It will also have the lowest possible location on the shelf.

Advantage of a group: all the drive shafts will be assigned to the same shelf instead of having different locations throughout the stock. This will allow for efficient stock pulling and re-stocking of parts. It will also mean less overall used stock space.

Shelf Setup.
The following options can be setup:
1. Shelfs can be named automically by the program or a name can be entered manually.
2. A group of parts can be assigned locations on different shelfs. This is normally used when
there are too many parts in a group to fit on one shelf. A maximum amount of parts that can be on each of the group’s shelf must be entered.

See the following example:
A group of parts may be located on several shelfs with a different maximum number of parts possible on each shelf.
Shelf 1: A1 max qty of parts on shelf: 100
Shelf 2: A2 max qty of parts on shelf: 200
Shelf 3: B1 max qty of parts on shelf: 50
And so on.......

This option is very helpful if it’s required to have several shelfs with the same group of parts in different locations or maybe even in a different building.